Carbon pricing "catching up" with electricity consumers

The carbon charge that was introduced at the beginning of the financial year is now catching up with householders, with many people seeing "significantly higher" electricity bills than at the same time in 2011, according to Make it Cheaper.

By now, customers are starting to receive their first power bills since carbon pricing was introduced by the federal government back in July, and for many people, the new figures could come as quite a shock.

New South Wales is among the hardest-hit states when it comes to rising electricity prices, noting that in some cases, householders here have seen their bills increase by up to 20 per cent.

But while rising electricity prices are hard on a customer's hip pocket, rising electricity prices don't need to spell bad news for Australians. Instead, he encourages anyone who has received a higher-than-expected electricity bill in recent weeks to use it as an opportunity to look around for a better deal.

It can also be a wise time to start looking at the ways in which households utilise electricity and identify ways to cut back on their consumption.

Price increases are painful on customer's pockets, but in a good way, it crystallises their focus - when they use electricity, it costs money.

Spring, he added, is an ideal time to think about shopping around to see what other types of electricity deals might be better-suited to your household.

There is a lack of education around how many retailers are available. Coming into spring is a good opportunity for customers to get a discount.

There are many ways to get a better deal - including making a quick call to Make It Cheaper, or contacting an electricity firm directly - and we encourage all customers to start raising their expectations when it comes to getting the best prices.

Customers should be demanding a better deal. They should all be picking up the phone and speaking to someone - if not Make It Cheaper, then their electricity provider.

Those who do will find that the next bill that comes in at Christmastime will be a lot less of a burden - and they'll almost be happy to pay their bill when they know they've got a good deal.

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