Want better pool power efficiency?

Australia is blessed with a sunny and warm climate, and as such, swimming pools are prevalent throughout the country.

In fact, according to Roy Morgan Research, 12 per cent of Australian residents live in a household with a pool.

Perth, one of our warmest cities, has an 18 per cent swimming pool market saturation. 

"Nobody who has flown into Perth during daylight hours would be surprised to learn that it leads the country in pool ownership: this fact is strikingly visible from the air," said Roy Morgan Research Group Director Angela Smith.

While they're perfect for cooling off on a hot summer's day, swimming pools can also be a major contributor to your power bill - up to 30 per cent in a typical home, according to the Department of Industry and Science (DIS). That's not ideal, especially given the current electricity prices.

Here are just a few tips for being more energy efficient with your (or maybe your neighbour's) pool.

Swimming pools can be quite thirsty.Swimming pools can be quite thirsty.


You should talk to your energy supplier about only using your pool equipment during off-peak hours when there is the least demand for electricity, as some providers offer incentives for this. According to Ausgrid, you could make yearly savings of up to $479.

The pump

The main use of energy from your pool is the pumping of water through the filter in order to keep it safe and clean. It would make sense, then, to have an efficient pump. Just like appliances in the home, pool pumps have energy ratings - the more stars the better.

The DIS recommends using an expert when it comes to choosing a pump, as they will be able to figure out what is the most efficient pump in proportion to the size of your pool.


Heated pools and spas can be nice, especially in the winter. The costs of heating that amount of water can be costly, though, so to be more efficient you should invest in a thermal cover. Not only will this work to stop the loss of heat and water through evaporation, but it will also stop debris like leaves and branches from getting in.

Electricity comparison

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Posted by Richard West