Top ways to reduce your business gas prices

The nation's businesses are feeling the pinch of rising gas prices just as much as homeowners. In fact, on the scale that they use gas appliances, they're probably finding their bills are even more shocking than they have been in the past.

Unlike some business expenses, energy bills are one area that you can have control over, to a certain degree. Some simple changes and a bit of savvy saving could be all you need to improve the bottom line of your business in 2015.

However, good news is that there are some steps that can be taken to reduce the use of gas throughout your business. Some are more costly than others, but it's well worth considering the long term gains you could potentially make by saving on your energy bills.

Install a more efficient heating system

Has your company's heating system been in place for longer than you can remember? If so, there's every chance that it won't be as efficient as it could be.

Technology has come a long way over recent years, with manufacturers creating heating systems that are friendlier on both the environment and your business finances. Do some research and you could find that your gas usage has the potential to suddenly fall - and your bills will soon follow suit.

Then tackle your hot water system

Once your heating has been sorted, it's then time to take a closer look at your hot water system. Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show in Victoria, 68 per cent of hot water systems use gas as a source of energy, so they're likely to represent a large proportion of your bills.

New technology means you don't even have to rely on gas to provide hot water to your business premises. Solar hot water systems are now easily accessible and could offer a more environmentally friendly alternative to gas-fuelled models.

Invest in insulation

A better insulated business will mean you lose less heating and cooling throughout the course of the year. Find out about replacing old windows and doors with double-glazed alternatives and your business bank account could thank you for it.

There's also cavity wall and loft insulation. Not all types are suitable for all properties, so do your homework to determine which will be most effective at your premises. Your local hardware store may be able to offer some guidance, otherwise take on the expertise of an energy efficiency consultant.

Switch gas for electricity

Of course, there's also the option of switching to electrical appliances. The Alternative Technology Association (ATA) recently carried out a study, which pointed to the environmental benefits of using electricity over gas.

In the majority of circumstances, using electricity led to fewer greenhouse gas emissions. In the situations where this wasn't the case, the ATA is confident that emissions will come down as more efficient technology is introduced.

Switch to a new supplier

Simply carrying out a gas comparison could be all you need to pay less for your energy. It's easy to think that because you've been with the same gas supplier for many years that they must be offering you the best deal - but all too often this isn't the case!

Have all your usage statistics to hand and head online to find out how much you could potentially save. A service such as Make it Cheaper can take the hassle out of the process for you, by bringing together some of the most appropriate deals for your needs.

Posted by Richard West