Stranded passengers may benefit from a quality phone plan

The recent crisis for travellers involving the grounding of all Qantas flights has highlighted the impact unforeseen expenses can potentially have on an individual or entire household.

With people stuck across Australia unable to either return home or reach important destinations, it has become a financial and logistical mountain for many to climb.

One aspect of this type of crisis that is often underestimated is how difficult it can be to organise alternative transport or accommodation whilst attempting to cancel hotel or event reservations and contact loved ones or employers to explain your situation.

If you're stuck in a different city, you may end up spending a lot of time on your mobile phone trying to deal with these various issues and, consequently, your mobile phone bill is likely to suffer.

On pre-paid accounts the cost of long distance calls adds up quickly, while even a plan is not guaranteed to insulate you from the expense of contacting people and businesses interstate.

You can potentially compare phone plans with a switching service in order to find one that doesn't penalise you too harshly when extra use is required.

The best mobile plan is generally one that factors in your unique circumstances.

Posted by Eve Gillespie