Optus launches Australian Open live stream

With Leyton Hewitt progressing to the next round of the Australian Open, it is fair to say that tennis fans will no doubt want to follow his matches and keep up to date with the latest sporting news from a location of their choice.

And while a number of people may have access to a widescreen TV or even tournament tickets, others may not be so lucky.

But mobile phone owners who have an account with Optus is now offering customers access to a live streaming service that will make it easier for them to keep up to date with all the on-court action.

The new TV and video app is available on compatible 3G mobiles via your handset's Wi Fi connection or on the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Group Manager of Optus Sponsorship and Community Programs, Jann Kohlman, said the telco giant was expecting thousands of fans to sign up for the free service.

"More and more tennis fans want to keep up to date with all the Australian Open action via their mobile device, whether it's watching tournament heavyweights rally from the baseline or simply keeping up to date with a player's progress, Kohlman said.

"We expect this year to be bigger than ever with the new TV and Video application giving our customers even more choice in how they experience the tennis on their mobile device so they don't miss out on any of the action."

In order to support the combined sport and telecommunication initiative Optus have also announced plans to increase the capacity of their mobile network in and around Melbourne.

Fans can download the app by sending an SMS with the word 'tennis' to 966 or logging on to the company's website.

By doing so they will gain viewing rights to Channel Seven's match coverage, as well as regular alerts, match progress, player news and profiles, as well as the all important result updates.

In addition to tennis fans the other big winners from the event include those that are looking for economical ways to follow their sporting heroes.

For those who do not have an account with Optus, it might be a good idea to compare phone plans from a range of providers in order to find out which company has the most competitive download rates when it comes to live streaming.

It is also a good idea to keep up to date with any deals, competitions or initiatives they host in order to take advantage of different campaigns.

Posted by Eve Gillespie