New phone this Christmas? Check whether you are on the best plan

If someone special - or Santa - has treated you to a new mobile phone this Christmas, the new year could be an excellent opportunity to evaluate your phone plan.

A new iPhone 4S under the Christmas tree can be an exciting gift - but without an adequate data plan to match, you may find yourself exceeding your limit on your current plan and potentially out of pocket as a result.

With new songs to download and apps to use - not to mention an ultrafast internet connection - you'll want to ensure you have a mobile phone provider that can keep up.

Some providers have flexible plans that let you pick and choose the features you want - for example, you may want free calls to a select group of friends, a package that allows for numerous text messages or a data plan for those who love to download apps and surf the net.

Getting a new phone can be the perfect time to check in and ensure you are paying for the right features - and that you are getting the most for your money.

Posted by Eve Gillespie