LED lights to combat Christmas electricity prices

While some households are choosing to forgo Christmas light displays this year in the face of rising electricity prices, others have chosen to take the energy-efficient route.

LED lights can use significantly less energy than traditional Christmas bulbs and some NSW residents are making the switch in the run-up to the December holidays.

Tenterfield resident Jan Ross told her local newspaper that she wanted to keep up her traditional Christmas light display for her grandchildren, but this year, she has invested in a new string of lights in an effort to save money.

Her display - which, according to the Tenterfield Star, has a total of 600 bulbs - has been re-vamped with energy-efficient bulbs and she is also taking other measures to ensure her electricity expenditure doesn't spiral out of control in the summer months.

"What I am going to be doing is not turning them on for as long. Usually I would turn them on in the first week in December, but I might not turn them on for a week after that," she said.

Other energy-saving strategies Ross recommends include changing the time when she shuts the display off from 22:00 to 21:00.

You may find that you are able to get a better deal on your electricity costs by comparing the rates offered by different providers in your area - you can make the switch with a short, simple phone call if you find better electricity prices from another supplier.

Posted by Charlie Moore