Get smart with mobiles, urges financial planner

Australians who want to get a better handle on their household finances as we move into a new year may do well to heed the advice of one Tweed-based financial planner, who has a number of great tips about how to be tech-savvy.

Commenting on mobile phone use, Wendy Scarlett told the Tweed Daily News that many people could save money simply by utilising their phones more effectively.

She says that the golden rule is to "be smarter" with how and when you make calls and texts.

"Is sending that text message when you're five minutes away from home really necessary?" she asked.

Of course, Australian customers can also save a considerable amount of money simply by switching their mobile phone plan.

Dr Stephen D'Alessandro, one of the Macquarie University researchers who worked on the recent State of the Mobile Nation study in partnership with mobile provider Amaysim, said that customers who have made the switch to a new provider in the past 12 months have saved an average of $300 on their annual mobile phone bills.

Looking to the new year, the researchers also found that 46 per cent of Australians identified themselves as likely or very likely to shop around for a new mobile provider in the next 12 months.

Posted by Eve Gillespie