Make It Cheaper Australia - the softest of launches

After what has seemed like a good six months but in reality has just been 10 weeks, Make It Cheaper Australia has reached it's first key milestone - actually getting the website live.  If you're reading this, then you've found us!

It's a simple proposition and site, but the great part is we have a blog where we can vocalise our views - whether that's a glimpse of the business reality (just like this post), commentary on significant market events impacting the Australian business owner, or just useful insights which we hope will help a small business owner make things cheaper.

We are really excited about the prospect of moving to the next stage, and offering a physical service which will save the business owner money.  It's not just talk anymore, this is going to happen.  All I'd say to an Aussie business owner is get involved, and give us a go once we're live - tell your mates, tell your business associates.

Back to the business.  This post is really meant to be more of a self congratulating, back patting effort to acknowledge the wider Make It Cheaper team who have helped and supported the process so far.  Going from the team at the UK parent (, to friends, family and even the rapidly collected business contacts throughout New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland and South Australia, who have helped us develop our understanding of the market here is Oz, and get us to where we are.

So thanks to Jonathan, Jeremy, Caroline, Lucy, Chrissie, Jono, Paul, Lynette, George, Nick, Pete and Giles.  There are loads of other business contacts who have opened up their extended network of contacts to me - so thanks very much.

All the best, Tim





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