Gillard to start Carbon Pricing from July 2012

Julia Gillard and the Greens have jointly announced has a new deal on Carbon Pricing, which they hope to push through parliament and 'live' by July 1st 2012.

The goal appears to have a fixed price put on Carbon from July next year, and then aim to have a transition to a wider reaching Emissions Trading Scheme.

Gillard stated: "I'm determined to price carbon....the time is right and the time is now.''

"I do not believe Australia needs to lead the world on climate change, but I also do not think we can afford to be left behind,'' she said.

The carbon price will apply to the energy sector, transport, industrial emissions and waste and it will not hit the agricultural sector.

Energy customers now have almost cast iron confirmation that their costs will increase year on year and the momentum rolls forward toward and Emissions Trading Scheme.

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