Access to credit and cash worries small business

The Council of Small Business of Australia (COSBOA) in association with Telstra have undertaken research into the outlook small businesses have on the current economic climate.  The research has revealed that whilst businesses are generally optimistic, access to funding and credit is being seen as a serious probelem by small businesses.

Jaye Radisich, CEO of COSBOA commented: "Small businesses need to be able to access affordable lines of credit to ensure that they can properly manage their businesses"

Make It Cheaper says: "It's a real concern for the economy when small business starts to raise these issues.  The Australain Government should look to take a leaf out of the US book, who have recently announced that they would shift $30 billion in financial bailout funding to community banks for lending to small businesses."

"What the US is planning could turn out to be a real win for small business, creating some much needed liquidity, and ultimately providing a cash boost which will help small businesses thrive and survive.  This is something the Australian Government seriously needs to consider."

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